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Saundersfoot New Years Day Swim 2018

In the space of a year a lot can happen, including forgetting just how cold the sea is for the Saundersfoot New Years Day swim but also how warming the atmosphere can be before you strip off half naked and wait around for the inevitable screams along the lines of "oh gosh, thats cold"

As the has also been around for just over a year I thought I'd take my trusty phone and and share what it's like to walk down the slip and onto the beach, in persuit of a spot not too far away from the start line to join in with the action.

If you are thinking of going to the Saundersfoot New Years Day Swim 2019 here are some handy hints from someone who's been twice and made a fare share of mistakes.  

Get there early.  Car parking is at a premium (as in there is VERY little).  You will spend a lot of time driving around and around looking for a space which is made all the more worse by tourists absently mindedly walking into the road (sorry tourists we still love you) and of course the odd fancy dress parade).  A bus run from Kilgetty so hunt that one out nearer the time.

Before stripping off.  Get organised. Make sure you have a towel ready on the top of your kit for when you get out of the water.

Consider warm water.  Warm or even lukewarm but NOT hot.  This year I took a hot water bottle with me just to take the edge off my frozen toes when I eventually came out of the water.

Something to stand on, when getting undressed or dressed you'll want to keep off the cold sand to persevere what little body heat you'll have.

Before going home...Stop of a coffee, find a local coffee shop and support local!  There's not point rushing to beat the traffic because quite simply... you WONT.  There's only 2 real roads in and out of Saundersfoot and both will be rammed.

And of course have fun :)

See you there in 2019

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